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EastMed pipeline project is still on, but Cyprus seems be left out

The ambitious EastMed pipeline project seems to be moving ahead with implementation but without Cyprus’ participation, Philenews reported on Sunday.

The €6 billion project is meant to ship gas from deposits offshore Israel and Egypt through a 1,250-kilometer pipeline running via Cyprus and Greece to European markets.

However, Israel’s outgoing ambassador to Greece, Yossi Amrani, told participants at the recent Greco-Israeli energy forum in Athens that EastMed is a very valuable and important concept which benefitted the different partners.

But it should not be narrowed down into one route, he added, before sending the message that Israel doesn’t think they have another 10 years to discuss the EastMed project.

The forum’s speakers did recognize how crucial Nicosia’s actions were in building regional alliances in efforts to implement the EastMed project.

On his part, Amrani focused on what concerns Greek-Israeli relations and the message that seems to be derived is that Egypt is currently playing – position-wise – a more important role than Cyprus.

The crisis in Ukraine has created a good opportunity for Eastern Mediterranean natural gas, which Israel apparently does not seem to want to let go to waste.

That is why it seem to be rushing to take advantage of the window of opportunity that has opened in order to ensure the sale of Israeli gas.

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