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EAC trade unions decide to proceed with work stoppage and strike

Having secured more than 90% of the staff’s vote, the general councils of all trade unions of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, which convened in separate meetings, unanimously decided to proceed with a warning work stoppage on Thursday 17/11/2022 between 11:00 and 12:00 and a strike on Wednesday 23/11/2022 between 07:00-19:00.

Directors and Managers of EAC, the Human Resources Manager, the shift personnel of production stations, people dealing with problems of the grid, supervisors of the system in the Districts, doormen, guards, personal secretaries of the President, and the CEO as well as the EAC spokesperson will be exempted from the strike.

The rest of the staff will go to work, register, and then strike outside, the trade unions reported in a letter to the EAC General Manager.

The trade unions explained that in a series of letters that they had released they had informed everyone about the serious problems concerning the Authority, issues that affected its smooth operation, the safety and health of the staff, the cost of electricity, and the timely and effective service of consumers.

However, they noted, “the staff is disappointed and displeased” due to the inactivity noticed and conveyed their “decisiveness to fight for the protection and safeguarding of our Authority.”

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