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EAC takes off anti-pollutant systems from Vassiliko power station, Philenews reveals


The black and white toxic smoke rising from the Electricity Authority’s chimneys at Vassiliko power station is a result of the EAC removing the anti-pollutant filtering systems that were installed over the past three years to the tune of 100 million euro,  in order to keep within the limits of industrial carbon emissions.

According to a Philenews report and to the detriment of people living in the area, the EAC decided to remove the system, in spite the excess carbon emissions in production units, in order to prevent instabilities in the network.

In a response letter to the Environment Department, dated July 18 and made available to Philenews, the installation of anti-pollutant technologies at all three production units of the Vassiliko power station has caused operational issues that have a direct effect on their capacity, availability and response.
As the contractor responsible for removing nitrites was unable to solve relevant problems, the EAC decided to terminate the anti-pollutant systems supply and installation contract.

In this same letter, the Electricity Authority notes that there is on-going consultation with the boiler constructors as well as anti-pollutant technology specialists to investigate and deal with the problems in the operation of the denitrification systems as well as other relevant issues.

Tenders are currently being assessed on repairing the systems, with a view to complete work by Spring 2024.

Τo this effect, the EAC has requested an exemption of industrial carbon emissions limits, until such time the problem is resolved.

Following the letter to the Environment Department, Labour minister Kyriakos Koushios informed the Environment minister Costas Cadis that Air Quality Department measurements showed normal levels, so the health of people living in surrounding communities will not be affected.

According to Philenews sources, the Agriculture Ministry is looking at immediate measures in alleviating the problem, also taking into account the need for stability in the electricity grid and adequate supply.

The Attorney General will provide legal counsel.

On July 21st, the EAC said that the white smoke rising from the power station’s chimneys was nothing to worry about, but following a Philenews question, the Authority admitted there were technical issues being handled with the companies that undertook the work.

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