NewsLocal€2,000 in aid to whirlwind victims as first instalment

€2,000 in aid to whirlwind victims as first instalment

The government has announced a first instalment of up to €2,000 to Ayious Trimithias and Paliometoho residents whose property was damaged by Sunday’s whirlwind.

The Interior Ministry said crews were assessing the damage to property and working to restore public infrastructure.

Meanwhile, all those affected will receive a first instalment of  €2,000. Once the damage has been assessed, those affected can begin repairs.

Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides will be submitting a proposal to cabinet asking for immediate financial help as a first step.

The community leader has been named the contact point with the Nicosia district office, and those affected must fill in the necessary forms. Those with insurance are asked to contact their insurance companies to assess the damage.

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