NewsLocal€15,000 in cash up in flames with Paphos yacht

€15,000 in cash up in flames with Paphos yacht

Some €15,000 in cash went up in flames in a fire that torched a yacht and damaged another at Latchi harbour on February 4, the Cyprus News Agency reported on Monday.

It said that police and the fire service have determined the fire was caused by a short circuit.

The fire started at one of the boats moored at the Marine Reserve area of the harbour and soon spread to the one next to it.

The first boat was completely destroyed while the second sustained heavy damage.

According to CNA, the owners of the boat and a team of technicians were doing maintenance work at the time the fire broke out.

In fact, the fire burned €15,000 in cash which the owner had withdrawn from the bank earlier to pay for the boat’s maintenance.

After the fire was extinguished, the Port Authority and the fire services took measures to clean the sea from fuel and engine oils, CNA reported.

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