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Dust is in the air, vulnerable groups should stay indoors

High concentration of dust in the air was observed on Tuesday, according to measurements from ground Stations of the government’s Air Quality Monitoring Network.

The public, and particularly vulnerable groups of society – children, older people and the ill at health – are urged to avoid open spaces until the dust elapses.

Because the small size of respirable particles in dust may have negative effects on human health.

Moreover, employers must take appropriate measures after assessing any risks that their employees may face while working in open spaces.

The latest hourly dust concentrations measured at 7:00 am in the following areas are:

Nicosia:   98 μg/m3

Limassol: 81 μg/m3

Larnaca:  58 μg/m3

Paphos:   63 μg/m3

Paralimni: 58 μg/m3

Zygi:         46 μg/m3

Ayia Marina Xyliatou: 55  μg/m3

More information on the measured pollutant concentrations and real-time updates is available online at, and also through the free mobile application ‘Air Quality Cyprus’.


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