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Dust in the air lower on Tuesday than previous days, to subside by late afternoon

Dust in the air on Tuesday is set to subside by late afternoon but authorities are warning that this is lower than in previous days and inevitably more harmful.

Specifically, elevated dust levels were recorded in Limassol where the latest hourly dust concentration, measured at 8am, was 119μg/m3.

In Larnaca, the dust level was 87μg/m3 and in Paralimni 54.38μg/m3

In Zygi, it was 75 μg /m3 and in Nicosia 63μg/m3

In Nicosia, it was 98.7 μg/m3 and in Agia Marina Xyliatou 52 μg/m3

Authorities have clarified hat dust refers to respirable particulate matter of a diameter smaller than 10μm (PM10) in the air.

According to the legislation, a limit value not to be exceeded is set for the daily average concentrations at 50μg/m3 (microgrammes per cubic metre).

The dust contains small inhalable particles which may have a negative effect on human health.

That’s why the public and especially vulnerable persons such as children and the elderly are urged to avoid going outdoors until the dust subsides.

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