NewsLocalDust brings discomfort today, temperatures below 30

Dust brings discomfort today, temperatures below 30


People with chronic illnesses, respiratory issues and other health sensitivities, including allergies, should take extra care today, as a thin layer of dust persists in the atmosphere, bringing a high level of discomfort and hazardous thin particles.

Temperatures are expected to drop, according to the Met Office prognosis, with clear condition that will however be affected by the dust, becoming an almost daily occurence.

A low pressure system is affecting the area.

Fine initially, later however turning increasingly overcast, with light variable winds force three gradually becoming mainly southwesterly to northwesterly, light to moderate force three to four and locally moderate force four over slight seas.

Temperatures will drop to 28 degrees Celsius inland, 25 in coastal regions and 22 on the mountains.

Clear skies this evening, with moderate winds over calm to slight seas and temperatures dropping to 15 Celsius inland, 18 in coastal regions and 13 on the mountains.

Over the next few days, the over 30s will be back, much higher than the seasonal average and that will take us through to at least Wednesday.

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