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Drunk driver arrested after accident in Paphos

Paphos police have arrested a 50 year old man who was involved in a collision on the Paphos -Timi road, abandoned the scene of the accident and was later found to be nearly five times over the limit.

And Kophinou police arrested a 28 year old man caught doing 186 km per hour on the Larnaca-Limassol highway. Moreover, he did not have a licence or insurance.

Police said the Paphos accident occurred around 7.20 pm on Saturday when a car driven by the 50 year old collided with a car driven by a 54 year old woman. With her was a 78 year old passenger. Her car then collided with a third car driven by a 35 year old.

After the collision the 50 year old abandoned the scene but was followed by members of the public who alerted police who arrested him.

An initial alco-test showed 148 mg℅ — more than six times the permitted  22 mg℅. He was taken to Paphos police station where a final alco-test showed 104 mg℅.

The 78 year old passenger sustained minor injuries, was taken to Paphos hospital where first aid was administered and she was discharged.

Meanwhile, a 28 year man was caught speeding at 186 km per hour on the Larnaca-Limassol highway where the speed limit is 100 km at 2.30 yesterday. The driver did not have a driver’s licence or insurance. ΧΑΩ αντί 100ΧΑΩ.

He was arrested, charged in writing and released to appear at a later date in court.






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