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Dr. Tsioutis: Cypriots will have to learn to live with anti-coronavirus measures

The Cypriots will have to learn to live with restrictive measures for a long time, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Infection Prevention and Control at the European University and specialist with training in infection control, Dr. Constantinos Tsioutis, has told CNA, noting that even if a vaccine becomes available, the measures will not be lifted until its effectiveness is proven.

Speaking ahead of a Council of Ministers meeting which will examine further measures to curb the spreading of the virus in Cyprus, Tsioutis said that the necessity for additional measures is evident, both in areas where there is a spike in cases and the rest of the country.

He noted that special care must be taken for the elderly and persons with chronic diseases.

“What we must all understand is the need to adapt our daily lives, which first and foremost includes observing personal safety measures, minimizing contacts as much as possible, protecting our health and that of those around us, and good cooperation in order to maintain a climate of trust among our citizens, our state and the experts, because our end goal is mutual,” he said.

Tsioutis expressed hope that the new measures to be announced would improve the situation. “We must understand that the social distancing measures and those reducing the maximum number of persons at gathering will be around for many months to come,” he added.

The expert noted that the most substantive measure was the vaccine and that even then “we must see its effectiveness in practice.”


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