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Dr. Karayiannis on new Covid-19 measures and relaxations

Asked about when to expect new relaxations of Covid-19 measures, Dr. Petros Karayiannis, member of the Advisory Scientific Committee, said that the new relaxations have just been implemented so the committee will wait to see what the consequences will be on the country’s epidemiological image before taking any new measures. One big change is the fact that as of next Monday no PCR will be needed for visitors arriving in Cyprus.

As he said the current measures will be valid until 15 March and in the meantime the committee members will start discussing other possible relaxations, if the epidemiological image permits that.

As he noted the next step will be categorization of various activities depending on how dangerous they are and what will be requested for these areas. All these will be included in a table which will constitute the reference points for citizens, employers and anyone else.

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