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Dr. Karayiannis on end of pandemic, 4th dose, variants

Dr. Petros Karayiannis, Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Virology at the University of Nicosia Medical School, said that it is premature to speak about the end of the pandemic in the spring, adding that there might be an outbreak of Delta variant.

In reply to a question on whether we are heading toward the end of the pandemic, Dr. Karayiannis said that many people believe that due to the mildness of Omicron variant we can begin discussing the endemicity of Covid-19.

He noted that we must continue being alert, to continue having some measures until we are completely sure.

Dr. Karayiannis also said that the possibility of 4th dose of the vaccine has been discussed in an effort to stop further illnesses in old people’s homes where we have recently had several chains of confirmed cases and we still do. However, looking at the facts in Israel and how the virus behaves in Cyprus, we see that old people have relatively mild symptoms, so for the time being we are waiting to see how things will develop.

He added that over the coming days there will be a reduction of the number of confirmed cases and hospitalizations.

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