NewsLocalDozens of pioneering pharmaceuticals to join Gesy list before January's end

Dozens of pioneering pharmaceuticals to join Gesy list before January’s end

Dozens of pioneering pharmaceuticals will become available through the island’s general health scheme (Gesy) before the month’s end, Philenews reported on Friday citing insiders.

And if the representatives of the pharmaceutical industry accept the proposal put before them on Thursday by the Minister of Health and the Health Insurance Organisation almost all treatments currently administered to patients through time-consuming bureaucratic procedures lengthy procedures will be included in the system.

Specifically, the evaluation will be completed for 92 out of 126 formulations currently administered through the Ministry of Health by the end of the month since they have not yet been integrated into the Gesy.

For 68 of the 92 formulations, the competent committee has completed the process and has already started to gradually inform suppliers of their initial purchase price.

For 44 of the 68 formulations the letters have already been sent out and for some of them the suppliers have already responded positively to the proposal put before them.

These formulations include treatments for Multiple Sclerosis, lung cancer, asthma, ulcerative colitis, arthritis and other rheumatic diseases and Crohn’s disease.

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