NewsLocalDolphins spotted off Ayia Napa, Protaras (video)

Dolphins spotted off Ayia Napa, Protaras (video)

Dolphins have been spotted off the coast of Protaras and Ayia Napa in the past days.

In-Cyprus readers Molly and Lily captured footage of the animals while on a trip on Monday in Ayia Napa.

Also, Instagram user Xristos Zanettou filmed dolphins in Protaras and posted the video on his account. The footage was re-posted today on the twitter handle of Cyprus’ Airports.

A Fisheries Department study conducted between 2016-2017 confirmed the presence of five species of marine mammals – four types of dolphin and one whale – off the coasts of Cyprus.

Specifically, according to CNA, the researchers saw striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba), Risso’s dolphins (Grampus griseus), Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncates), Rough-toothed dolphins (Steno bredanensis) and Sperm whales (Physeter microcephalus) in Cypriot waters.

Sperm whales are the largest marine mammals to be located in Cyprus, while the bottlenosed dolphin is the most common dolphin species in the country.

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