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Dog from Cyprus joins owner in UK to raise funds for new Dali dog shelter

A dog that was abused and left for dead in Cyprus three years ago is not only thriving with her owner in the UK but is helping raise funds for other abandoned animals not as lucky as her, the NW Evening Mail reports.

Cher, dubbed the miracle dog from Cyprus, also featured in the newspaper in August 2018.

It said that Cher is a cross between a golden retriever and a Greek domestic dog called a kokoni. She was originally found on the streets of Nicosia.

Cher’s leg had been completely shattered and she was tied to a lamppost and left to die.

Owner 37-year-old Hayley Leece, of Ambleside, found Cher when she Googled the rescue charity, D.O.G Rescue Cyprus in Dali.

She brought Cher to her new home in 2016 after she paid £425 for the dog to be flown to the UK with all vaccinations and a pet passport, the newspaper adds.

Hayley and Cher plan on completing all 214 of the Lakeland fells documented by acclaimed author Alfred Wainwright.

She said: “We are up to just over 100. We haven’t done as many recently as I’ve been doing marathons and ultra marathons. I’m trying to raise money for the D.O.G Rescue to build new dog shelters in Cyprus. I’ve raised nearly £2,000, they are already on £70,000 but they need to reach £100,000.”

Hayley said: “ Cher is amazing. She gets more and more confident but she is still really neurotic and doesn’t like to be left alone, but she probably always will be like that.

(Photo from Northwest Evening Mail)

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