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Doctors’ wages to increase by 30% under the NHS

Wages of doctors who sign up to offer their services under the NHS will increase up to 30%, according to calculations by the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO).

HIO prepared reports on the wages of doctors under the NHS and submitted them to the Cyprus Medical Association.

According to HIO, there are doctors of 32 medical specialties in Cyprus.

Doctors of 30 specialties will see an increase of up to 30% in their wages, while one specialty’s wages will remain the same. For another specialty, HIO found out that there would have been a decrease but stepped in to balance it, Phileleftheros reported.

After the completion of the data-recording for the wages of each medical specialty, HIO will start informing doctors on a personal level. This information is expected to be also made available to the scientific companies of doctors, so that each specialty will be aware of the data that concerns it.

According to Phileleftheros, ENT doctors are among the specialties who have already received their briefing. HIO found that their wages will increase by 21%, if they choose to sign up for the NHS.

Specifically, now, ENT doctors working in the private sector receive around €5,096 for every 100 medical procedures. If they sign up for the NHS they will receive  €6,175 for the same number of procedures, HIO statistics showed.

The reason that the amount will increase is that NHS doctors will get paid both by the system and the patient.

The briefing of doctors is expected to be completed by November.

HIO will start registering doctors in the NHS shortly after Christmas.

HIO calculations were based on the compensation that insurance companies reimburse customers for each medical procedure.






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