NewsLocalDoctor says we must focus on getting info about new Covid vaccine

Doctor says we must focus on getting info about new Covid vaccine

Christos Petrou, member of the National Advisory Vaccination Committee, said that the immunity of the current vaccines against Covid does not prevent infection but it is proven that these vaccines are effective against heavy illness and hospitalization. For this reason, currently the government must focus on targeted vaccination of people who are in more danger of getting very sick and end up in hospitals.

In view of discussions on whether people younger than 60 should also get the 4th dose of the vaccine, Dr. Petrou explained the reasons that it would be more correct to focus on people belonging to the vulnerable groups for the 4th dose and try to get informed about the new vaccine that is expected to be more effect.

As he said, the crucial question is the time of the new vaccine’s arrival and which mutations it will cover. He also added that if indeed the new vaccine will arrive in the fall and we will have a new round of vaccination of the general population, it is important to be honest with the people and not hurry with the 4th dose of the vaccine to healthy people.

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