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Disgraced former Kition bishop reported of assault by six women – so far

Disgraced former Kition bishop Chrysostomos is believed to have assaulted a number of women in addition to the one that he was found guilty of earlier this week.

Specifically, the high-ranking priest who is now in his early ‘80s, has been reported by a total of six women – so far, according to Philenews.

On Monday, Larnaca District Court found him guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in a historic case dating back 42 years.

The case brought to light not only his actions in relation to the indecent assault of the teenage woman at the time but also his ‘indecent’ lifestyle when traveling abroad.

He apparently used to take off his robes – following the practice of Catholic priests, as he admitted – even though this is not allowed in the Orthodox religion.

A complaint of sexual assault during one of his trips abroad years ago was reported in 2021 by a woman who is a non-resident of Cyprus.

But the case did not proceed because the alleged offence had taken place overseas.

Three other complaints were made to the police at the same time while two more women came forward after the Court’s verdict on Monday.

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