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Disciplinary investigation into Rea Georgiou

During today’s Ministerial Council meeting, it is expected that a decision will be made for a disciplinary investigation into Rea Georgiou, Accountant General of the Republic, who gave instructions to the Treasury of the Republic for a check of €54,000 on behalf of the state not to be cashed. The check had to do with guarantees of CYPRA slaughterhouse owned by her husband.

Even though Georgiou had been investigated in the past as well, the issue was rekindled recently due to everything that has taken place at CYPRA with the large number of COVID-19 cases.

Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides has called for a disciplinary investigation into this issue.

Regarding CYPRA no decision has been made about an investigation but there are court orders about demolition of illegal constructions that have not been carried out.

CYPRA is asking for the immediate appointment of an independent public investigative committee to objectively examine all issues regarding both Cypra Company and Cypra Bioenergy as well as Slegaby Holdings.

The company stated ready to provide all evidence and information so that truth will be revealed.

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