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Dirt, bird droppings as Eleftheria Square project drags on

The marble tiles placed along Stasinou Avenue as part of the still unfinished Eleftheria Square project are covered with dirt and bird droppings without any demonstrated intention by authorities to clean them, while evidence shows that there will be further delays in the project’s delivery, Phileleftheros reports.

The newspaper fears that once again the authorities will present the excuse that they will be cleaned once the entire project is delivered, but wonders what the cost will have risen to at that time.

Even if the argument is presented, the author continues, that the bird droppings issue is universal, there is no excuse for inaccessible areas around the square painting a picture of neglect with dirt of every kind.

It is also emphasised that visitors have reported cracks in some of the marbles, which is incompatible with the high quality stakeholders have been trying to attribute to the project, adding that such an issue is reason enough for the client — in this case the public authority — to decline payment or consider the project incomplete.

In addition, it is pointed out that there are no joints between the tiles in some places, while human footprints are visible in others.

As far as the square itself is concerned, the issue with flaky coatings on benches spotted in December remains unresolved and no effort has been made to repaired the damaged material that was intended to protect the benches from spray paint and other paint vandalism.

What is more, it is mentioned that there has been an improvement with the marbles’ joints within the square, but in some areas it has been observed that tiles previously removed have not yet been replaced.

In the moat area, the problem that had occurred with the restaurants is also still pending — which concerns whether their interior is to be repurposed by the prospective restaurant operators or the building company — and construction in that part appears to have ceased entirely. All in all, it is estimated that there will be further delays until that section is finished.

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