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Diplomatic actions to protest Turkey’s new illegal activities in Cyprus’ EEZ

All necessary diplomatic actions and representations have been undertaken to protest the new illegal, piracy intervention of Turkey in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone, Government Spokesman Kyriacos Koushos has told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) commenting on Ankara’s announced attempt to carry a new illegal drilling in the southern EEZ/continental shelf of Cyprus, inside exploration block 8.

“Turkey turns out to be a pirate state in the Eastern Mediterranean. Despite the repeated calls of the international community and particularly of the EU to immediately terminate its illegal activities it continues to violate the Cypriot EEZ and continental shelf,” Koushos noted.

He went on to say that unfortunately Turkey continues to move along the way of international illegality and “bluntly claims 44% of the EEZ and continental shelf of Cyprus for itself, even to the detriment of our Turkish Cypriot compatriots.” Moreover he said that Turkey’s claim that its operations in the Eastern Mediterranean are to the benefit of Turkish Cypriots is absolutely baseless.

Moreover, he underlined that any “licensing” on the part of the Turkish Cypriot pseudostate in Cyprus Turkish occupied areas is illegal and contradicts the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the international law.

In statements later on after a meeting he had with the President of the Citizens’ Alliance movement George Lillikas, Koushos said that “we are extremely annoyed by the new illegal activity of Turkey” that does not respect the international law, the UN resolutions and does not take into consideration the EU and countries that have repeatedly denounced its illegal efforts, as Russia, the US and Britain.

(Cyprus News Agency)

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