NewsLocalDespite advise and despite previous cases, firecrackers still used

Despite advise and despite previous cases, firecrackers still used

Even though the police have repeatedly advised against use of firecrackers and even though several people have been injured in previous years, the phenomenon is seen every year at Easter.

Sociologist Dr. Nicos Peristianis said this is a social phenomenon, while the noise and brightness caused create an atmosphere of something impressive. Additionally, the fact that it is prohibited urges young people to want to try it. For this reason, Dr. Peristianis said that instead of denouncing the use of firecrackers the state should push young people toward impressive but harmless devices.

Similarly, education psychologist Ifigenia Stylianou said that over the years the view has prevailed in the society that firecrackers is some kind of a tradition. Young people also have the illusion that nothing bad is going to happen to them since usually parents promote the view that they children are protected from bad things. For this reason, she recommended organized information activities on a systematic basis.

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