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DeputyMoR platform drastically reduced time of handling Covid incidents, says MoH

The new KIOS “Management System for Handling Emergency Covid-19 Cases” has greatly contributed to accelerating the handling of suspect and confirmed Coronavirus incidents by the Epidemioological Surveillance Unit, the Deputy Ministry of Research and Innovation and the Health Ministry said on Saturday in a joint press release.

“Technological tools and innovative digital solutions are constantly being developed and recruited in the fight against the pandemic, reinforcing the authorities’ work in ensuring the efficient response of the health system to its constantly increasing daily needs,” the announcement said.

As per the announcement, the Covid management system was developed by the University of Cyprus’ KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence (KIOS CoE) in collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy and the Ministry of Health on March 15 and has been at the disposal of the MoH since and “has contributed to the utmost in the speedy handling of this unprecedented situation.”

As the single portal for recording all suspect and confirmed Covid-19 cases in Cyprus, the platform comprises an array of electronic tools that allow, among other, the assembling and evaluation of all cases from all their original points of recording, the management of suspect and confirmed cases based on MoH algorithms, the tracing of all positive cases and recording their contacts, the management of visits by suspect cases for sample-taking and storing relevant results, the recording of confirmed cases and management of the digital protocol for discharge of cured cases, and the automating of the process of informing citizens that tested negative via SMS.

The Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said that the tool “has allowed for instant updates to the government concerning the spread of the virus in Cyprus through the processing of data fed to the system in real time and tools of statistical and geographic analysis and risk assessment, all used by the Ministry of Health to make vital decisions.”

Deputy Minister of Research Kyriacos Kokkinos thanked the KIOS scientific team as well as his ministry’s officials for their hard work in implementing the project.

“Digital transformation and technological tools constitute ‘weapons’ against the current crisis and also allow for the modernisation of the state to respond to the constantly shifting and competitive global environment,” Kokkinos said.

The Director of the KIOS Centre of Excellence, professor Marios Polycarpou thanked the Health Ministry and the Deputy Ministry of Research for the ‘fruitful collaboration’ in the joint effort to make the most of digital tools in tackling the crisis.

Polycarpou said that more than 30 researchers from the KIOS team responded to the state’s call.

The team initially implemented the “Management System for Handling Emergency Covid-19 Cases” that electronically records data from the 1420 hotline, the Personal Doctors and the Health Ministry’s Epidemiological Surveillance Unit, and subsequently also put together the “Web Portal for Information on the Spread of Covid-19 in Cyprus“.

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