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Deputies demand thorough briefing on 43 “dangerous” complexes in refugee housing estates

Refugees in Cyprus are living in at least 43 dangerous apartment complexes that affect their health and safety and the House Refugee Committee has demanded a prompt and thorough briefing by the Town Planning Department.

The Committee on Tuesday raised this issue again in view of the recent powerful earthquake in Turkey during which buildings collapsed like a pack of cards, according to Philenews.

Apparently, these 43 complexes in refugee housing estates all across Cyprus have been established by the Department as being “dangerous” and “beyond repair”.

They are part of a total of 358 refugee buildings deemed unrepairable either because of structural problems or because such an action is totally unprofitable.

It seems that their only remaining option is the gradual demolition of them and the construction of new apartment complexes in their place.

The Committee was also told in the past that some of the blocks of flats may not be considered to be in danger of collapsing.

But given that the cost of strengthening them against a possible quake while also upgrading them in terms of energy efficiency would exceed 50 % of the cost of constructing a new building.

At the same time, some of these buildings cannot even be fitted with lifts which is also not worth maintaining given their age. In some cases these apartment complexes are close to 50 years which is considered to be the useful life of buildings.

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