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Denied asylum due to Facebook

A man came to Cyprus from Syria through the non-government-controlled areas, was found in Kalopanagiotis and has been remanded in custody since 2021 for national security reasons.

The man first applied for asylum at the Pournara Reception Center but the Court rejected him after the submission of documents involving him in illegal activities. According to the verdict, the state received information involving the said man in a terrorist organization because photos of him were found on a social platform (Facebook) in which he was holding a gun.

The man denied any involvement with terrorism, claiming that the photo was taken four years ago, when he was 17, and he posted it on Facebook at a moment of immaturity. He said that he had bought the gun when he was a minor in Syria and this is done by many young people there in recent years while the war is raging.

However, after examining all evidence, the Judge ruled in favor of the Republic and the man was denied asylum.

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