NewsLocalDemolition of Ktima Makenzy set to start (photos)

Demolition of Ktima Makenzy set to start (photos)

The demolition process of Ktima Makenzy is set to start today, philenews reported.

Larnaca District Office and Interior Ministry crews have been reported to be at the location to execute the demolition order.

According to philenews, the crews are accompanied by police. They will start by cutting off water and electricity supply to the building.

Tenant arrested for threatening to use violence against District Office employee

Police yesterday arrested one of the tenants of Ktima Makenzy for allegedly threatening to use violence against a Larnaca District Office employee.

The man appeared in Court today where he was charged in writing and released.

The trial for the case has been set for September.

Ktima Makenzy has been at the centre of a legal wrangle after its Turkish Cypriot owner successfully sued the Interior Ministry as the custodian of Turkish Cypriot property for its return.

The Interior Ministry then obtained an eviction order against the tenant, who contested that decision in court.

The owner sued the Interior Ministry for failure to comply with the initial court decision to return the property to the owner – who is a British citizen and therefore not subject to legislation on property owned by Turkish Cypriots living in the Turkish held north.

A Larnaca District Court ordered the demolition of the building and the return of the property to its rightful owner in February.

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