NewsLocalDelayed posting of rapid test results on official platform not pharmacists' fault

Delayed posting of rapid test results on official platform not pharmacists’ fault

Licensed pharmacists carrying out rapid antigen tests in Cyprus have been criticized by citizens because results take time before they get posted on the relevant government platform.

But the problem comes from the EUDCC platform and not the pharmacists, head of Limassol Pharmaceutical Society Gregoris Gregoriou told Philenews on Wednesday.

The government requires children aged 6 and over alog with older citizens to undergo rapid testing at least once a week.

Yet, several are the technical problems – mainly concerning the digital certificate system – that are still there, Gregoriou also said.

One of the main problems is that citizens receive promptly the positive or negative message on their mobile.

But when they click on the link that leads them to the EUDCC platform, the new test result is not there. In fact, the older one which is also invalid is what is posted there.


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