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Decisions and timelines about GESY

The final planning of the Health Insurance System regarding the readjustment of the way private doctors are paid in the General Health System (GESY) is expected to be announced in the coming days. Furthermore, the issue that arose after the Attorney General’s verdict according to which doctors who are not members of GESY cannot work in GESY hospitals, is also expected to be officially over. The planning for the operation of GESY on-call clinics is going to be implemented soon, while it is examined how the providers of GESY will submit their tax reports before signing or renewing their contracts with the Health Insurance System.

At the same time, the disagreement between the Health Insurance System (HIO) and the Finance Ministry about the latter’s request that HIO pays 150 million euros for services that the Health Ministry purchased within the framework of purchasing services from the private sector but also for sending patients abroad, will be resolved with dialogue and negotiations.

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