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Debts to government amass

Debts to the government amass, reaching €2,5 billion, more than the €2,3 billion owed in 2016 according to the 2017 financial report.

€905,3 million may actually never be collected or certain obstacles may prevent them from reaching the state treasury, since these sums include ‘bad debts’.

These are debts to the taxation department which, by the end of 2017 had reached €807,2 million compared to €756,2 million in 2016. In addition, debts to the Water Development Department last year rose to €49,9 million from last year’s €48,5 million.

Similarly, €48,6 million, which mainly concern vehicle registration fees, may never be collected by the Road Transport Department. This is due to a law applicable from 2014, which allows for exemptions from late fees with an affidavit by the owner stating that the vehicle is damaged or incapacitated.

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