NewsLocalDebate on Euthanasia becoming legal in Cyprus begins

Debate on Euthanasia becoming legal in Cyprus begins

The House Human Rights Committee on Monday began debate on Euthanasia becoming legal for terminally-ill patients in  Cyprus.

Akel MP Irene Charalambidou who heads the committee clarified that the choice is between a serene pain-free and respectable death and a crucially painful one at the last stage of terminally-ill patients.

The controversial issue touches on human rights, religion, and key legal issues that need to be resolved at some point, she also said.

The discussion will continue with the participation of patient associations and non-governmental organizations as well.

In addition, the Committee will invite people who offer palliative care to patients who in final stages to participate in the discussion.

Euthanasia – a hard subject from both a legal and an emotional viewpoint – is forbidden by law in Cyprus.

The Mediterranean island’s powerful Orthodox Church views this as suicide or even murder.

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