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Death investigation with laws of 1936

The Attorney General has requested an urgent modification of the law on death investigationa due to anachronistic references reminding of colonial times.

The law that is valid today with very few modifications in 2014 and 2017 has been written and enacted in 1936, something that currently creates many gaps and problems and as a result in many cases the judges raise the issue of a need to change the law.

As legal experts told philenews, in cases when from the death investigation it is clearly ascertained that specific persons are responsible, the death investigator cannot name them. He can only refer the conclusion to the Attorney General to study it and decide whether a death investigation will be ordered by the Police.

Two such examples was the recent death investigation into the death of Thanasis Nicolaou but also into the death of a woman in the area of Kokkinochoria in which several gaps and problems were ascertained both regarding the exhumation of the bodies but also the procedures that are making things difficult.

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