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Dams: Inflow record broken, all eyes on Asprokremmos

The inflow of water into the island’s dams since October 1 has broken a record with 196,374 million cubic metres (mcm) and all eyes are  now on Asprokremmos Dam which is only 566 mcm short of overflowing.

According to the latest figures issued on the website of the Water Development Department, total water stored in the dams on Monday morning was at 77.1.% of capacity, compared to only 23.1% on the same day last year.

A total of 196,374 mcm have flowed into the dams since October 1, breaking a record of 191,754 mcm in 2011/2012.

Indicative of the abundant rains is a comparison with last year when only 44,897 mcm flowed into the dams in the entire 12 months of October 2017 to end September 2018.

Nine smaller dams have already overflowed.

But excitement has been rising in anticipation of the imminent overflow of Asprokremmos which is Cyprus’ second largest dam and on this day last year was only 28.6% full.

The dam has a total capacity 52,375 mcm and is now 98.9% full.

It is expected to overflow by tomorrow morning. Water Development Department officials and police have already announced measures to ensure visits to the dam can be carried out safely and with the minimum of inconvenience.

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