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Dam levels still low despite higher inflow of water

Though water inflow into the dams is higher than last year, water levels remain below those of 2017, a Water Development official told the Cyprus News Agency on Monday.

Fedros Rousis said that in the three day period from Friday to Monday, some 550,000 cubic metres of water had flowed into the dams. The total inflow so far this month is 2.4 million cubic metres. During all of December last year, dams had collected only 881,000 cubic metres.

Though the inflow this month was much better than last year, dams are only 11.8% full, with a total  of 34.3 million cubic metres of water.

“11.8% is very low and we are below last year’s levels,” Rousis said. In the same period last year, dams were 13.3% full with 38.7 million cubic metres of water.

But this month has got off to a good start he noted. “The inflow for December is satisfactory but we want the rain to continue and considerable inflow because at current levels, we need several days, weeks, for stock levels to change,” he said.

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