NewsLocalDaily traffic jams in the roads of the capital

Daily traffic jams in the roads of the capital

Road works in progress, the end of the distance work, the coming and going of thousands of civil servants to work, as well as other factors have been causing traffic jams all over Nicosia recently and as a results the citizens are suffering on a daily basis.

Currently there is also work done at the Palaichori road and so, drivers now flood the roads of Lakatamia so the problem gets worse.

However, this is not the worst yet, since before the current projects are completed new ones will begin and are expected to finish in at least 2-3 years.

It is noted that under conditions that are seen as normal, even a traffic accident is causing chaos until insurance agents and policemen arrive at the scene.

Things will get even worse as of September when students will go back to school, so it is worth for the State to deal with the issue.

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