NewsLocalDaily Mail: UK faces halloumi 'crisis' as demand rises

Daily Mail: UK faces halloumi ‘crisis’ as demand rises

A shortage of halloumi has sent prices in the UK soaring by up to 12% – with Aldi now forced to limit sales of halloumi fries to two packs per customer, Britain’s Mail Online reports.

In an article entitled “The great halloumi crisis of 2019”  it said that halloumi is a favourite with vegetarians and lovers of Mediterranean food – but growing demand from countries such as China has led to a shortage in UK shops.

According to analysts Edge by Ascential for industry journal The Grocer, the average price is up by five% in the last month alone, with some versions rising by a fraction under 12% compared to this time last year, the site added. The cheapest varieties have gone up by smaller amounts which won’t hit shoppers as hard.

Britons are ‘obsessed’ by halloumi, said The Grocer, and the UK accounts for a massive 43% of all exports of the cheese from Cyprus, consuming 12,000 tonnes of it every year, the Daily Mail added.

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