NewsLocalCyta warns individuals 'posing as employees' to enter people's homes

Cyta warns individuals ‘posing as employees’ to enter people’s homes

The Cyprus Telecommunications Authority has warned consumers that individuals posing as its employees are knocking on doors and attempting to gain access into people’s homes on the pretext of checking their monthly bills. They then suggest alternative solutions.

In an announcement, Cyta clarified that it has no such campaign and these individuals are not its employees. It added that it always gives prior and timely information to the public of any campaigns.

Cyta said that in order to protect its good name and reputation it will take action against anyone who tries to accrue professional benefit or promote a product of a third party using its name.

“We therefore urge our clients to notify us of any such incidents and urge the public to report them to the police or the Cyprus Consumers Association or the Personal Data Protection Commissioner. As a standard procedure to protect its clients and the public more generally, Cyta urges everyone to be particularly careful with any unannounced attempt by unknown individuals to enter their homes, under any pretext,” the announcement added.


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