NewsLocalCyprus University says former EU Commissioner's rape comment 'totally unacceptable'

Cyprus University says former EU Commissioner’s rape comment ‘totally unacceptable’

The University of Cyprus on Wednesday clarified that a controversial comment on a recent rape case in Salonica that deputy head of the board and former EU Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou has made is totally unacceptable.

However, Rector Tasos Chrristofided also said in a Twit that Vassiliou, a former first lady as well, had retracted her initial comment from the same social media platform and offered an apology.

Vassiliou had initially written: “And how did the 24-year-old female end up in the hotel suite? One ought to know all the facts before arriving to a conclusion.”

After coming under strong attack, she wrote: “I apologise if through my post I gave the false impression that I wanted to blame the victim.”

Christofides said the University of Cyprus’ zero tolerance to sexual abuse is a given. And that social media reaction helps us become better, putting social issues in their proper perspective and dimension.

“Without any discounts. We listen, we accept admitted mistakes and we improve our institution,” he added.

The case under investigation concerns a 24-year-old woman who says she was drugged and raped in a hotel in Salonica during a party on New Year’s Eve. The rape complaint was on January 2 but the case cam to the fore over the weekend.

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