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Cyprus Union of Shipowners donates 10 ICU ventilators

The Cyprus Union of Shipowners (CUS) has covered the cost of 10 ICU ventilators to help Cyprus deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Shipping Deputy Ministry expressed its appreciation for the CUS’ support to the Cyprus Government as well as to Cyprus.

“At a time when the whole world is fighting to limit the spread of Covid-19, ventilators are highly valuable and difficult to find, making the CUS’s contribution all the more significant,” it said,

As a major supporter of the Cyprus Flag and the Cypriot shipping industry, the Cyprus Union of Shipowners, has been an ongoing contributor to the Cypriot economy.

At these challenging times, the CUS actively demonstrates its national and social responsibility and supports the efforts of the Cyprus Government in addressing the effects of the coronavirus, it added.

Andreas Hadjiyiannis, President of the Executive Committee of the CUS said: “The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has thrust our world into unknown territory. We recognise that this is a challenging time during which Cyprus is facing challenges both in preserving public health and in limiting the adverse economic impacts.

“We believe that a society is safe only if every single citizen is safe. We are standing next to our compatriots who are experiencing the effects of Covid-19. In an effort to help and support the Cyprus government, we have covered the cost of 10 ventilators which have been successfully purchased and! transported to Cyprus after intensive efforts made by the Government”.

In light of the difficulties and depressed markets the shipping sector has been facing during the last few years, the adverse effects of the coronavirus have added to the challenges affecting the shipping sector, the deputy ministry added,

Despite the difficulties and the negative impact on international shipping arising from the coronavirus pandemic, the CUS continues to contribute to Cyprus’s efforts to limit the spread of Covid-19, it concluded.

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