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Cyprus-Serbia MoU on Diaspora issues to be implemented

Cyprus Presidential Commissioner Fotis Fotiou and visiting Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic on Saturday discussed ways for the implementation of an MoU on Diaspora issues.

“We have decided that during the new year we will hold online activities, particularly with the youth,” Fotiou told CNA.

“The first one to take place will involve young people of the two countries’ Diaspora, who, with our intervention, will come in contact online with a view to find ways of cooperation in each country where Serbia and Cyprus have an organised Diaspora,” he added.

Fotiou also said that Serbia wants to use Cyprus’ experience to better organise its own Diaspora.

This is why Selakovic will appoint an officer of the Serbian Foreign Ministry to undertake the task of visiting Cyprus “so that we can help them organise the Diaspora in each country.”

Moreover, the Commissioner said that they agreed to organise a joint trip of Serbian and Cypriot businesspeople of the Diaspora, when conditions allow, to Cyprus and Serbia.

Fotiou also said that as Serbia has a lot of missing persons, they decided that Nicosia and Belgrade will exchange their experience and know-how to help one another on this issue.

To this end a teleconference or a visit will take place at the beginning of 2021 to see how we can help each other, he added.

Moreover, he said that they are planning to organise in 2021 an event with the Serbian community in Cyprus, comprising of approximately 3,000 people.

This will focus on the culture, the history and the tradition and customs of Serbia.

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