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Cyprus’ score in international reading tests considered satisfactory

The PIRLS report for the year 2021 has found Cyprus achieving satisfactory results in the reading tests among 9 and 10 year olds, Philenews reports citing the Ministry of Education.

The latest international rankings for reading levels were recently released by the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study – known as PIRLS.

The report shows that the average score of Cyprus on the PIRLS measurement scale was 511, exceeding the international average which is set at 500 since 2001.

Cyprus’ score also made a statistically significant difference as it increased by 17 points compared to the country’s previous participation in the survey which was 20 years ago.

The Ministry of Education has announced that the intention is that Cyprus will be participating regularly from now on.

Singapore topped the list with an average score of 587 and was closely followed by Hong Kong, with 573, and Russia with 567.

The results were presented to the Ministry of Education on Thursday by the Centre for Educational Research and Evaluation of the Pedagogical Institute.

It has undertaken the collection of data from 160 schools – public and private – with the participation of 4,589 students, 272 teachers and 4,352 parents/guardians.

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