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Cyprus revises list of countries from which passengers are accepted

The Health Ministry on Tuesday announced the revised list of countries from which Cyprus accepts passengers – a measure taken in a bid to contain the novel covid-19 virus. This will be in effect from Thursday, August 6.

Under Category A which come those countries deemed safer compared to the rest as regards their epidemiological state of play, are the following EU counties:

Austria, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Irland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Finland.

Also, the following Schengen member countries: Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway.

And from other countries: Georgia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea and Thailand.

Category B includes countries with potentially low risk but not as safe as those in category A.

These are Belgium, France, Greece, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Holland and Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. As well as Andorra, Monaco, The Vatican, San Marino, Australia, Ruanda, Tunisia, Uruguay and China.

Category C includes countries with potentially higher risk than those under Categort A and B.

These are: Bulgaria, Portugal, Sweden, Luxembourg, Romania, Algeria, Serbia, Morocco and Montenegro.

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