NewsLocalCyprus records six nurses per 1000 inhabitants, far below the EU average

Cyprus records six nurses per 1000 inhabitants, far below the EU average

Cyprus, just like almost everywhere in the world, records a reduced number of nurses while – at the same time – the demand is high.

This is what Philenews reported on Saturday citing the island’s head of Nursing Services Evagoras Tambouris.

“All around the world, there is the phenomenon of some people studying nursing or graduating from schools of other health professions but then not practicing the profession,” Tabouris also said.

“We are observing this in Cyprus, as well, and we must also say that in state hospitals we have several nurses leaving the service right now. We also have cases, just a few, however, that nurses leave the public sector to work in private hospitals or private health structures,” he added.

Tabouris also said that, today, there are six nurses per 1000 inhabitants and this is far below the average of EU countries.

That’s why, he added, “we must commit to a decade of action and campaigning starting with investment in nursing and midwifery education, jobs and leadership.”

The Ministry of Health – in collaboration with the Ministry of Education – has launched a campaign aiming to prompt students to choose nursing schools for their studies.

The campaign covers both general nursing and mental health nursing but also midwifery, he said.

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