NewsLocalCyprus ranks 13th worldwide on Save the Children's index (table)

Cyprus ranks 13th worldwide on Save the Children’s index (table)

Cyprus has been ranked 13th on Save the Children’s third annual End of Childhood Index which compares the latest data for 176 countries – more than any other year – and assesses where the most and fewest children are missing out on childhood.

Singapore tops the ranking with a score of 989. Eight Western European countries and South Korea also rank in the top 10, attaining very high scores for children’s health, education and protection status.

Cyprus scored 977 which puts it in the top category “few children missing out on childhood”.

The UK ranked 22nd, Greece 30th and Turkey 66th.

The Central African Republic ranks last among countries surveyed, scoring 394.

End of Childhood Index scores for countries are calculated on a scale of 1 to 1,000. The scores measure the extent to which children in each country experience “childhood enders” such as death, severe malnutrition, being out of school and shouldering the burdens of adult roles in work, marriage and motherhood.

  • 940 or above – Few children missing out on childhood
  • 760 to 939 – Some children missing out on childhood
  • 600 to 759 – Many children missing out on childhood
  • 380 to 599 – Most children missing out on childhood
  • 379 or below – Nearly all children missing out on childhood

Index scores reflect the average level of performance across a set of eight indicators related to child health, education, labour, marriage, childbirth and violence. The only reason a country was not included in the analysis was insufficient data (e.g., the country was missing values for three or more indicators).

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