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Cyprus President to announce additional covid measures on Wednesday eve

President Nicos Anastasiades will address the nation on Wednesday evening to announce stricter measures in a bid to curb the alarming spread of coronavirus in Cyprus.

Earlier closure times for bars and restaurants throughout the island are expected to be part of the new measures to be announced following an afternoon cabinet meeting, Philenews reports.

Insiders said the advice from health experts appears to lean towards avoiding a blanket lockdown – for now at least.

Specifically, the President is expected to announce a curfew throughout Cyprus from 11 pm, and the closure of restaurants and other dining areas by 10:30pm.

In addition, changing rooms at gyms will be out of operation and the number of people at children’s play areas restricted.

Measures already in effect providing, amongst other,  the maximum number of people per gathering at 10, and of people per table in restaurants at six, plus the mandatory use of a mask in open and closed spaces remain in force.

Regarding the districts of Limassol and Paphos which record the highest number of new infection cases, additional measures taken 10 days ago will remain in effect.

In addition, the President is set to announce the suspension of operation of children’s play areas and the ban on extracurricular activities for children to continue as well as that on holding home or away championship matches for people under 18.

The third pillar of the proposals includes measures and restrictions which will be in force until mid-January, thus extending the validity of the decrees currently in force and ending on January 1, 2021.

These proposals include restrictions on the number of people who attend social events such as weddings and baptisms and provide for the imposition of protocols on other religious ceremonies, such as funerals and memorials.

The application of special hours for vulnerable groups at grocery shops will still apply.



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