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Cyprus Planetarium becomes a reality in 2023

The Cyprus Planetarium was presented at a press conference this morning at the Bishopric of Tamassos and Orini.

Speaking during the conference, Tamassos and Orini Bishop Isaias, said that the planetarium will begin its operation in 2023, opening its doors to the public.

He added that the planetarium will give young people the opportunity to be “initiated into the mysteries of the universe.” Scientific achievements, the Bishop stressed, “are nothing but the decoding of the wisdom of God, who as Creator created this wondrous world that the planetariums and observatories bring to us.”

Planetarium 2

The presentation was organised by the Interstellar Institute, which is the educational and scientific advisor of the Cyprus Planetarium.

Interstellar CEO, Achilleas Kentonis, said that the planetarium will provide multiple opportunities for the scientific community of Cyprus, such as creating new jobs and exchanging knowledge with universities and schools.

The Cyprus Planetarium has around 180 seats with ten state-of-the-art projectors.


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