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Cyprus’ Paediatric Society against GeSY policy on child vaccination

The Cyprus Pediatric Society (PEK) states in a letter to the Minister of Health, that the problematic process of procurement and distribution as well as shortages of vaccines since the implementation of the General Healthcare System (GeSΥ) has left a significant number of children unvaccinated.

This will result in potentially fatal diseases such as whooping cough (lack of Tetraxim vaccine) and measles (lack of MMR vaccine) to make a comeback.

PEK asks of the Minister to take steps to solve these serious issues.

Lately, they add, we have been experiencing an unprecedented situation in the exercise of our specialty in terms of vaccinations under the General Healthcare System.

They stress that without any warning and with no transitional period whatsoever, on July 18th, the Ministry of Health imposed age limits on vaccinations covered by the Health Insurance System (HIS).

PEK states that the right to vaccinate a child that was late to be vaccinated is indisputable and there are specific guidelines internationally on how to vaccinate these children.

They point out that the National Vaccination Advisory Committee’s decision on which the HIS relied to impose said age limits must be revoked immediately.

The shortage of vaccines from clinics is the saddest part since GeSΥ was implemented as far as the field of Paediatrics go, PEK concludes.

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