NewsLocalCyprus on Monday lifts Covid restrictions for unvaccinated, self-protection a must

Cyprus on Monday lifts Covid restrictions for unvaccinated, self-protection a must

As Cyprus on Monday is lifting Covid-19 restrictions on access for the unvaccinated to bars, restaurants and other venues health authorities are warning that personal self-protection is a must.

Tuesday’s crucial restrictions decision by the government follows a leveling off of new coronavirus cases in recent days that has eased the pressure on the Mediterranean island’s health care system.

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas announced that unvaccinated people can enter nightclubs, soccer stadiums, theaters, hotels and cinemas starting as long as they show a valid COVID-19 rapid test taken within the previous 24 hours.

The maximum number of people permitted in nightclubs and other venues is being raised by 50 to 250, while single-table seating increases from eight to 12. The number allowed to gather in private residences doubles to 20.

Moreover, maximum capacity at soccer stadiums and cinemas is being raised to 70% and 75%, respectively. The percentage of private sector employees required to work from home is being halved to 25%.

Hadjipantelas also said that the “test-to-stay” measure under which primary, junior high school and high school students are required to undergo regular rapid tests to attend classes is also being expanded to teaching staff and government employees.

Cyprus’ infection rate in recent days is around 2.2% with hospital admissions of serious cases on the decrease.


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