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Cyprus MP sees possible link between ‘spy van’ case and Greece’s eavesdropping scandal

Opposition Akel Euro MP George Georgiou has called on the European Parliament to put Cyprus under the microscope and called for an on-site investigation in connection with the eavesdropping scandal raging in Greece.

Georgiou claimed in an ‘urgent’ letter sent to the EP’s relevant investigating committee that a possible link to the earlier ‘spy van’ affair in Cyprus is there.

Two officials in Athens have resigned in the wake of revelations that the country’s intelligence service tapped the phones of an opposition politician and a journalist – allegedly using spyware known as Pegasus.

Pegasus is linked to Cyprus’ infamous spy van case which Akel had reported  in 2019. The company which created the surveillance software in Greece was founded by the former Israeli spy Tal Dillian, the main defendant in the case of the black van.

Georgiou noted that the government in Nicosia had never answered about the true links of the police and Cyprus intelligence service (KYP) with the companies of the Israeli spies – Shahak Avraham Avni and Dillian.

And that it never answered how the gear of the spy van found itself in Cyprus, or its connection to global spy networks.

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