NewsLocalCyprus lacks public information on Welfare of Animals legislation

Cyprus lacks public information on Welfare of Animals legislation

The head of the Environmental Movement has expressed his indignation at the lack of public information regarding the Protection and Welfare of Animals Law which was passed in March 2021.

Haralambos Theopemptou has sent a letter to Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis stressing that for over a year now the regulations of this legislation have been approved but no information to the public was provided.

And that no enlightenment campaign has taken place with the result being that people are not aware of important regulations and other information included in the law.

He gave as an example the sale of companion animals which – under the new legislation – no one is allowed to possess for any purpose, or breed, or hatch, or import from a third country.

Or, traffic from another member state or sell, or for the purpose of sale advertise or offer or exhibit animals or eggs for incubation other than the animals permitted to be in posession.

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