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Cyprus joins Spirits Tourism trend

Cyprus is now part of the Spirit Tourism authentic experience, a fast developing trend which is offered all over Europe.

Spirit tourism lets visitors discover how master distillers rely on centuries-old recipes and techniques to mix and blend their distinctive products, maintaining the perfection achieved by the craft of previous generations while also exploring innovative ways to create a never-ceasing flow of new, exciting products.

The first distillery to open a visitor centre for tourists was Glenfiddich in 1969. Fifty years on, spirit tourism offers unforgettable opportunities to savour the incredible diversity of spirit-making and the passion of the people behind it.

The Kalamos Distillery in Amargeti, Paphos has now joined the trend, with Nicos and his two sons, Thanasis and Michael, making Zivania, the spirit of Cyprus, in the traditional way. The family has choosen to work with the Malaga grape due to its intense aroma.

Within its concept, Spirit Tourism also revitalises rural communities, as they come together to promote their region as a destination where visitors from all over the world can enjoy the richness of Europe’s cultural heritage – no fewer than 1.6 million spirit tourists visited France in 2018.

In a similar spirit, the Kalamos Distillery in Amargeti is localted nearby the Sanctuary of the goddess Aphrodite and the site where it is said she first emerged from the waves. Thousands of tourists visit both sites which now form part of a World Heritage Site.

On a sustainable front, spirits producers offer people a drink from empty bottles – by reusing them as glasses – or letting them drive with what they don’t drink – by recycling residues into renewables.

As the official website of Spirits Tourism denotes: “Tourism is a key pillar of the economic growth and success of Northern Ireland and distilleries and spirit producers are a cornerstone of that. Our local distillers provide an unforgettable experience and are key to our heritage and culture.”

Spirits Europe represents producers of spirits at EU level.



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